“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Several Past Projects

Throughout the years, we have built several computer labs, gardens, libraries, classrooms, etc. in Uganda, Haiti, Belize and Mexico. We will focus on our more recent history here. In 2014, TWS sent a team of Uganda Teamstudents to Mexico to install a wii smartboard/computer lab plus work on a farm co-op. TWS also sent a team to Belize to work on a women’s shelter and started working towards a solar-powered computer lab in Uganda. In 2015, we have helped reconstruct a school in Uganda damaged by a massive flood. This summer we are planning  computer labs in Mexico and Nicaragua as well as a dentistry initiative in Mexico (supplies kindly donated by MA dentists).  Some other innovative ideas we are currently working on include constructing an international telecommunication network of students and teachers, publishing a student written publication on education policy, and designing an innovation classroom – a sanctuary for students to take initiative and research creative topics.

Several Current Projects

Computer labs

We have a number of schools that would greatly appreciate a computer lab. These labs are positively transformational for students! The internet can literally open them up to a world of learning. A background in technology is crucial to their future. They need this education to be competitive in university admittance as well as finding employment in urban area. Each school needs roughly $3,500 in equipment. The building infrastructure ranges from as little as $1,000 to over $10,000 depending on the school. Rural schools with no electricity and need roughly $6,000 for solar panels.

Classrooms, libraries, other school rooms

We have built everything from libraries to healthy cooking areas based on school’s requests. We have a list of requests from schools – such as a classroom in Uganda to be built so kids do not study under a tree or a room for music in Mexico.

Other initiatives

The first women’s shelter in Belize is almost finished. They need $3,000 to complete the home plus $2,000 to pay part time staff per year.

A Mayan woman’s farm project in Mexico is in desperate need for $6,000 to pay for a truck to transport goods, tools, plus a farm stand.