The World School was originally founded by students for students. Three high-school students came together to support elementary school students in Mexico. More on our history here. It remains a student-driven initiative.

Over the years, we have had 150 students involved from 8 schools. This page lists the current leaders.

Our board is composed entirely of very passionate students and recent graduates. Our advisory board includes more experienced community leaders.

We like to think of ourselves as students driving the mission with more experienced leaders acting as the guardrails.

As you will see, members of the same families have often been inspired as well – we consider ourselves one big global family.

If you are interested in joining the team, we’d love to have you as a part of the family. Get in touch!



Jordan Frank

Executive Director, Board Member

M.A. International Business, Autonomous U. of Barcelona

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Brendan Montima

VP, Board Chairman

Entrepreneurship and Sociology, Bishop’s University

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Taesu Park

Board Member

Mass College of Pharmacy

Youth Leaders

Olivia Angood-Hardy

Board Member

International Affairs, Bishops University

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Stephen Jefferson

Board Member

International Studies, University of Colorado

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Jenna Frank

Director of Sustainability, Board Member

Environmental Studies, Skidmore


Jason Montima

Mexico Team Leader

Groton Academy


Advisory Leadership


Yves Montima

Treasurer, Advisory Board Member

Regional Accounting Manager, Harborside Healthcare

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Kerrin Frank

Advisory Board Member



Glenn Frank Frank

Advisory Board Member

Financial Advisor at Lexington Wealth

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Paul Mathieson

Advisory Board Member

Founder at 776 Sports Advisors

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Michael Conway

Advisory Board Member

Personal Trainer