Donate an hour

Help make education more interactive, more fun and more creative by lending your voice to The World School’s initiatives in one of our weekly hour-long conversations. The easiest way to “get your feet wet” with other world-schoolers, we function throughout most of the year as a giant think-tank planning out innovative projects, fundraising for them, and then implementing them. We are constantly in need of more ideas, from a variety of backgrounds.

Conversations range from helping plan fundraisers, to organizing an internship program, to new education policy in Mexico, to the best way to create a sustainable garden. Be a part of the conversation designing the projects and have a much needed voice in the movement for education equality and to change education worldwide.

Contact us for more information on the next weekly meeting (usually Sunday 1 CET).

Volunteer on a trip

Every year, we organize 1-3 student-led trips to support education. We are always on the lookout for new student-initiated trips if you have ideas and of course students and anyone passionate about education to join us. To give some idea of the range of projects, a recent trip to Mexico included building a computer lab, a healthy teeth initiative with Mexican university students and learning clinics (computers, health, recycling, sports, etc.). Check out some of our current projects for inspiration..

School/Business Laptop Donation

Some schools and businesses will renew their computers every 3-4 years. We know they are looking for a new home in order not to go to waste. We gladly accept donations of laptop computers, Mac Desktops and projectors. They are in need in all of the locations where we work. As a community of mainly students in America and Canada, our age range is directly invested in this new technology and, on average, has more expertise than any other demographic in the world. So we will be sure to make good use of any donation.

As a team we have built technology labs, installed wiimote interactive whiteboards, designed innovation rooms, etc. Also we will ship it, install it and train people how to use it face to face. Thank you for your support!