In 2008, a teacher from an elementary school in a remote Mexican fishing village, Chuburná Puerto, asked for the help of three high school students. The students were just 15 and 16 years old at the time. But they were inspired and passionate. They organized a team of students, fundraised throughout the year, and travelled to the school to donate supplies and build a library. Shortly after, The World School was born.

Student-led teams have worked on projects at schools in Belize, Haiti, Mexico and Uganda. Projects are organized with local education leaders and have included school kitchens, a battered women’s shelter, libraries, intergrative sustainable gardens, and computer labs. There have been many new friendships, life lessons, leadership skills and advocates for a better educated world along the way. Learn more about our projects.


The World School is a network of individuals passionate about education.

We believe cultivating student leadership and creativity will stimulate a brighter future.

Our goal is to promote dialogue and facilitate innovative projects to help transform education throughout the world.

Our Team

Over the years, we have had 150 students involved from 9 schools. This page lists the current leaders. Our board is composed entirely of very passionate students and recent graduates. Our advisory board includes more experienced community leaders. We like to think of ourselves as students driving the mission with more experienced leaders acting as the guardrails. Learn more about The World School team.

Our Partners

The World School has been blessed with amazing education leaders, organizations, and schools. We have seen that bigger the community involved in a project, the bigger the impact and sustainability. In addition to 22 schools in Belize, Canada, Haiti, Mexico, Uganda and the U.S., Apoyo Chuburná, an inspiring group of local leaders and ex-pats, has been essential the past few years to organizing and maintaining projects in the area. This is our second year working in Haiti with Maison Fortune and have established a new relationship with Yon Sel Lanmou.  UCC Burlington has been very generous with their support year after year. And finally, a special shout-out to all the support over the years from teacher Ernesto Caamal and his family in Chuburná México and Principal Ruth Ku and her family in Belize.