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The World School is an international community that not only believes in the power of student-empowered education, but acts on it.

We support student-initiated projects in Haiti, Belize, Mexico, and Uganda.

Current Projects

Education in Haiti

Maison Fortune Orphanage supports 300 students in Hinche, Haiti. A World School team recently visited, focused on expanding the computer lab and developing a long-term relationship. Education for MFO students goes beyond the classroom – from art, athletics to working around the campus, these students are constantly growing. Expanding computer access increases students’ future opportunities.

Chuburná Puerto, México

The World School began in 2008 with a school in Chuburná Puerto. We have grown along with the community and local students. Currently, we are helping with several computer lab projects, working closely with a non-profit, Apoyo Chuburna, who are also focused fostering education.

Sustainable Practices in Haiti

For the second year students and skilled professionals from the US are collaborating with Maison Fortune and have established a new relationship with Yon Sel Lanmou.  Ecological restoration across Haiti is necessary to provide suitable soil for locals to grow their own vegetation. Students are applying what they have learned from the Dr. Gregory Cronin, an applied ecologist from the University of Colorado, and Michael Alcazar, a sustainable systems designer and permaculture specialist. We are hoping to send a team to assist Gaskov Clerge Foundation in the community restoration efforts after Hurricane Matthew.

Chuburná Puerto, México

The Yema-Ya organic farm project initiated by local Mayan Women, is providing a ‘model’ organic farm that can be replicated on unused land. World School teams have helped prepare the land and will be coordinating visits and projects for local children to help and learn about organic farming.

Meet Our Youth Leaders

Taesu Park

Co-Founder, Board Member

Jenna Hookway Frank

Sustainability Director, Board Member

Jason Montima

Mexico Service Team Leader

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The World School is a 501c3 non-profit. All donations are tax deductible in the U.S.

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100% online donations go straight towards the project of your choice and we are open to new projects!